A World without string

A board games blog by Stephan Wessels


Board games are a great hobby and I write and share about them often.  This is a place to share my comments, reviews, activities and generally evangelize about board games.

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This is a personal Blog where I express my opinions about board games, most often “Euro Games”.  My reviews often contain graphics and photographs.  Many of these visuals are my own original work.  Some photographs and graphics may be extracted or cropped from visuals available at Board Game Geek or specific board game company web sites.  If you would like me to not use a visual presented here contact me and I’ll swap it out with another of my own.  The purpose of this Blog is to evangelize and inform about board games. 

A note about games used for reviews.  With rare exception, games reviewed here were purchased by myself.  If a game being reviewed was provided by a publisher or other game vendor the review will note that fact,